One Bright Day Foundation

Win-Win With Water

One Bright Day Foundation (OBD) in partnership with Dr.Pepper Snapple Group offers a strategy to raise funds for charitable organizations. Win-Win With Water builds on the growing trend among businesses to promote a healthier lifestyle among employees, while providing a vehicle for them to expand support of their favorite non-profit organizations.

OBD offers Win-Win With Water to businesses, large and small, to help them participate in the annual fund-raising campaign of their charity of choice. Each of these companies currently provides one or both of the following: vending machines for employees and/or free bottles of water for employees and visitors.

How Win-Win With Water works

  • OBD sells cases of co-branded Deja Blue purified bottled water, with 100% of the proceeds from the sale going to a tax-exempt organization of their choice.
  • OBD offers companies free use of glass front refrigerated coolers stocked with Deja Blue/OBD purified water bottles and other Dr.Pepper Snapple brand products. 100% of the proceeds are donated to the United Way of Greater St. Louis.
  • New beverage vending machines are placed in your business to allow the use of cash/credit and will offer additional more healthy Dr. Pepper Snapple products.

Benefits of Win-Win With Water

  • An ongoing earned income strategy that can produce a consistent revenue stream to help support charitable organizations, at no additional cost to the company.
  • OBD handles all deliveries, sales tracking and distribution of funds.
  • Overall goodwill generated for your organization as a result of your commitment to helping improve employees’ health and wellness.
  • Opportunity to participate in OBD lunchtime workshops to introduce healthy eating options to employees and enabling them to improve their own health and wellness.

One Bright Day Foundation is a 501(c)3 not-for-profit organization that is
dedicated to promoting the health and wellness of individuals of all ages
through education and improved accessibility to healthy foods.